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TallyKit is one of our best WordPress plugin ever. It come with many features and functionality. Gallery is one of the component of Tallykit Plugin.

Follow the steps below to create a Gallery post.

All of your Gallery posts are made in the Gallery section of your WordPress admin. Click on Gallery to open the section.


To add a new Gallery Click on “Add New”


Now, Write your Gallery title and  click on “Create Gallery” Button to add images to the gallery.


Add a Featured Image as the cover image of the gallery. It is very important.


On the right hand side of the Gallery page is the Categories box. These Categories are the filters that will sit above your Gallery image and allow you to filter the different types of  Gallery. To make a new Category, click + Add New Category and add a name. You can  add as many as you want. To apply a Category to a post, simply check the box next to the name.


Once you have everything you want selected, click Publish .


Gallery Shortcodes

We have added a shortcode editor with the plugin. So you don’t need to remember the shortcode of gallery. Please see the image below.


After clicking the icon you will see a popup like the image below


Gallery Single Shortcode

[tk_gallery id="2992" columns="3" margin="3" /]


ids= : Gallery Single post ID to display selected item.
column : [2 / 3 / 4 ] default is 2. Grid column.
column_margin : [ 3 ] default is 3. Margin between columns.


Gallery Album Shortcode

[tk_album category="" exclude_category="" relation="AND" limit="12" columns="3" orderby="post_date" order="DESC" ids="" filter="yes" margin="3" /]


category : Gallery Category slug to display portfolio item from a category.
limit : How many post items or Images you want to display?
columns : [2 / 3 / 4 ] default is 2. Grid column.
ids : Gallery post IDs to display selected items.
filter : [yes / no] default is yes. Enable the filter or not.
margin : default is 3 Margin between columns. You able to change it.

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