0) Install Theme

Installing The Theme

You'll want to install this theme just like any other WordPress theme, either by uploading the main theme folder via FTP (unzipped) or the zipped file via the WordPress theme upload section

Using FTP

  • Log into your site via FTP
  • Browse to your folder located at wp-content/themes
  • Upload the unzip theme folder
  • Log Into Wordpress and go to Apperance --> Themes
  • Find the theme and click to activate

Using Wordpress

  • Log into your WP dashboard
  • Browse to Apperance --> Themes
  • Click to "add new" and then follow the instructions on the screen
  • When it askes to select a file find the zipped theme folder located in the "wedding-plus-pro.zip".

Now go to Appearance -> Theme Options and click on Save Changes.

Please watch the video below to see how to install a WordPress theme from WordPress admin panel.

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1) Install Reccomandate Plugins

After successfully install theme Theme you need to install and active all recommended plugins to make the theme work nicely.

We have added TGM plugin activation with the theme. So you can install all recommended plugins automatically from your WordPress admin panel with a few clicks. This process is fast, easy and pain less.

After theme activation you will see a notice for recommended plugin installation. To install the plugins please click Begin installing plugins link in the notice or Clink on Begin installing plugins under Appearance -> Install Plugins of the navigation.

We have created a video with the full process of the plugin installation. Please watch the video below.

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2) Import Sample Data

We have included sample data with this theme. The process of importing is very simple. Before importing sample data it is require that you installed and activated all Recommended Plugins.

NOTE: Sample Data importing is Recommended for new/fresh WordPress installation. Please DO NOT IMPORT SAMPLE DATA TO A LIVE SITE.

To import sample data you need to go Appearance -> Sample Data of the navigation and you will see the importer page. Now click the button “Import Sample Data

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3) Theme Options

Theme Options

PLease Go To Apperance -> Theme Options to see the theme option


From here you can upload logo and Favicon and sother options


You can change font, headings, background colors from here

Background Slideshow (Important)

After Installing the theme please go to this option page and add some or an image for the background slideshow. also you can add slideshow for each page or post.

Blog Page

From here you can can cheange Title and Subtitle

Social Profiles


You can Custom CSS, JavaScript and Google Analytics


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4) Home Page Settings

Create a Page for home page

First create a page for home page and select Template as Home Template

Now you need to update the Home Page Setting meta below the editor. Please see the image below.

After publishing the page you need to go Settings --> Reading and Select Front page: as Home page

Note: Do not select Posts page
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5) Font & Typography

To change google font and font size please go Appearance -> Theme Options -> Typography

Please see the video below to see how to load google font.

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6) Set Home & Blog Page

Create a new page call Home and a page for Blog. Now go to Settings -> Reading and change the setting of Front page displays to "A Static Page" select Front Page as Home and Post page as Blog

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7) Setup Blog Page

Create a Page for home page

First create a page for Blog and select Template as Blog Template

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8) Page/Post Settings

You can add Subtitle and Bakground Gallery for each page and post. You can enable or Disable the background slideshow and add background image or color.

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9) Setting UP The Gallery

Add New Gallery Galley

On the gallery edit page Please enter your gallery title and set an featured image.
After that Click on Add New button to add image to the gallery.

Setup the Gallery with a Page

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10) Shortcodes

The theme has a built-in shortcodes editor..

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11) Contact Form

This theme doesn't have a built-in contact form, but it does have included styles for the Contact Form 7 Plugin. So I would highly recommend using that plugin. Of course any should work.
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12) WPML

We have tested and ensrued that This theme is WPML compatible. If you need a multi-language site, then we recommend using the WPML Plugin. You would need to buy a license for the plugin, then install it and set it up. All the inforamtion you need to get started and use it is on the WPML.org page.

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13) Translating The Theme

This theme has been localized and it includes a .po and .mo file so you can translate the theme to your own language.

Step 1: Copy Default.po File

Located in the "languages" folder of the theme is a file called default.po. Copy this file to your desktop for editing.

Step 2: Edit Default.po File

Open the .po file using a program like PoEdit.

Click on the text to edit and enter your translation in the bottom box

Step 3: Save Default.po File

Next you have to save your .po file using the naming convention is based on the language code (e.g. pt for Portuguese) followed by the country code (e.g. _BR for Brazil). So, the Brazilian Portuguese file would be called pt_BR.po.

When saing your .po it will automatically create a new .mo file for you, with the same naming convention ( so using the example above, the file would be called pt_BR.mo

Step 4: Upload New Files

Upload the .po and .mo files you just created to your /languages folder so they are in the same directory as the default.po and default.mo

Step 5: Edit Your WP-Config File

The last step is to tell WordPress what languange to show

Open your wp-config.php file in a text editor and search for:

define ('WPLANG', '');

Edit this line according to the .mo file you've just downloaded, e.g. for the Portuguese spoken in Brazil you must add:

define ('WPLANG', 'pt_BR');
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14) Custom CSS

Please install https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-custom-css/ plugin to add Custom CSS. After installing the plugin you can add custom CSS in Appearance-> Custom CSS

If you are using WordPress 4.7 you have a new option in the theme customize to add custom CSS.

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15) How to Update Theme

Please note: It’s recommended that you make a backup of the theme prior to updating BackupBuddy is recommended to backup and restore your whole site.

From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Themes. Activate a different theme, choose delete files for your theme, then upload the new theme and activate.

It seems scary but you really won’t lose any of your data. The only exception is if you have made edits to theme files like header.php, footer.php etc. These changes will need to make again to the new files. But all of your content and theme settings are preserved.

Alternatively, you may want to use a plugin to automate backing up your current theme and uploading the new version: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/easy-theme-and-plugin-upgrades/

Where do I download the update?

You can find the latest zip file for your purchased themes under My Account in the main menu. If your past purchases are not listed, let us know.

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16) Get Support

We offer free Support for our theme. If you are not clear any part of the theme or having problem please open a support request here https://tallythemes.com/support/

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