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Custom WordPress Theme Design vs. Theme Customizations

Many novice user of WordPress overwhelmed with the following two terms regarding WP namely customization and custom WP theme. Not to be worried we are here to disclose the details in brief. Actually one is related to developing a site with new custom theme and another is related with the customization of existing website. Not understood yet? Just read the whole article at the end of the article you will have complete understanding of the idea.

Theme Customization Vs. Custom WP Theme Design

WordPress themes which are created for any specific niche based on needs of brand, focus of the business and aim of the certain business industry. Such theme are designed by a graphic developer and coded by group of PHP developers. Generally developer team works in association with clients to develop their dream into reality. Following theme follows the client’s need, brands identity, and objective of the organization and instruction of the clients.

On the other hand customization of existing website theme refers to the option in which a group of web developer or individual developer is haired to customize any already built site with custom color, resizing, content or front. This option does not require creating any template thus no intervention of any graphic designer is needed.

Which option will you go for?

Nearly most of the industry wants to have their website for online presence which represents their brand in most reliable way. But once the site is created that is just not the end of the line actually. So you will need a custom WP theme for your new business. Growing business requires updating their site over the time to make their site compatible with upcoming modern platforms, as well as for improving user experience. When your business grows you might feel to change the outlook, color, logo, fonts or anything to be improved according to company’s new business policy or goal then your site will need to go through customization.

What If You’re a Small Business Looking to Update Your Website Design?

Lets you are an owner of a growing small company and you have site on WP platform but after few months when your business started to grow you need to update your site with more professional look. May be a new logo is at your hand and you want have new color as well that match your brand. Or you may want to change the complete layout along with the color and fonts. If your are armature at WordPress you will try to find the solution on Google but  Google search for “WordPress design” will return 483,000,000 results, which makes the confusion even worse.
What will you do?

  • Custom theme designing involves many complex works including graphical layout works, coding and optimization and it kills huge time in completing the process. It may take weeks to year. So just go for custom theme option when you have enough time at your hand to wait.
  • You will need to have a handsome budget to design a custom theme with the help of any web development agency since they change high for their expert developer and coders. So such large projects require huge budged indeed. So decide based on your company need and budget.
  • Another boring fact is that you might have to wait for several months to get professional expert hands as because most of the experts are busy with their schedule and you might face difficulty to get them at your site. So before you start be clear that you have enough time to wait.

Final Words

In conclusion we would like to utter if the basic difference of the following two term is already clear to your then hopefully it will help you out to make your decision which option is best for your industry. For custom theme we recommended to have a look at the huge collection of tallythemes.com, this site cover the entire niche and every possible industry. The themes of this are modern and best known for user experience.  A group of expert coder is also ready to address and fix your need and issues.


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